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K&O corporate logo
An ancient family-held concern, K&O have been producing weapons since 'technology' meant a particularly sharpened stick. Finally free from government regulation, they've proven as adept at wielding weapons as they are at building them.

Kelfried & Odin Weapons Foundry, or K&O for short, is a corporation. Their territories on the world map are Europe, Greenland and Australia.


K&O have more types of guards than other corporations. Most guards specific to K&O facilities are armored.

Other distinct security measures

K&O have fewer Security Cameras in their facilities compared to other corporations.

K&O facilities at mission difficulty 2 and higher are protected by Turrets, which are automated weapons that can overwatch and shoot agents in their vision, dealing lethal damage. A Turret can be hacked so that it shoots guards, or it can be disabled by rebooting them or by disabling its connected Power Supply.

K&O have Laser Panels in their facilities, which emit lethal laser beams that agents cannot walk through.

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