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Financial Executive

Financial Executive portrait

A Financial Executive is a type of civilian who appears in Chief Financial Suite missions. The Financial Executive is in addition to the number of guards normally present in the mission.

Financial Executives are unarmed, and panic in any situation where a guard would normally become alerted. The first time a Financial Executive is knocked out, his KO timer is always set to 6 turns, regardless of the KO damage dealt.

The Financial Executive is always initially stationary in the Financial Suite objective room. Due to a bug in the game, if he investigates a distraction and returns to his assigned tile, he will remain facing in the direction he walked to return there.

Movement 8 AP
Vision 8 tiles, 45° arc
10 tiles, 90° arc peripheral
Other traits Civilian
Heart Monitor
Stays KO'd for 6 turns
Loot when stealing 450 credits
Med Gel (6.3%)
Loot when expert stealing Med Gel (17.5%)
Neural Disruptor (2.5%)
Portable Server I (2.5%)
Stim I (2.5%)
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