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Chief Financial Suite

Chief Financial Suite mission preview
A highly-placed financial officer has an office in this facility. With his access codes, we can manipulate the market to our advantage.

Chief Financial Suites are a type of mission which can occur in both Campaign modes and Endless modes. The primary objective of a Chief Financial Suite mission is to locate the Financial Executive, knock him out and conduct a brain scan for a number of turns. The reward for successfully completing the brain scan is a Vault Access Card.


The executive has been located. Disable him and get his cerebral implant ready for the interrogation.

When the Financial Executive is KOed while an agent is a Euclidean distance of 3 or less from him for the first time, a 6-turn counter will begin. You will be able to track its progress using the 6 bars under “Brain scan in progress” under the “Objectives” tab. Once the 6 turns have elapsed, a Vault Access Card will appear on the tile where the executive is. The corporation's Security Response is triggered after the 3rd turn of the scan has elapsed.

The Financial Executive will always be KOed for 6 turns, and will have quite a few credits to steal.

If any of the following happen during the scan, the brain scan will fail, and you will be unable to retry (and therefore unable to get the Vault Access Card this mission):

Security response

Dammit! He got a signal out. Expect more company soon.

An alerted Enforcer will spawn in a random guard entrance with a special interest point on the Financial Executive's location. This interest point is like no other in the game: until the Enforcer has investigated this tile, his interest point will always reset to this one at the beginning of his turn. He can still notice agents and other suspicious things during his turn and be distracted for that turn, but will always return to his original interest point at the start of his turn.

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