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OMNI Harbinger

OMNI Harbinger portrait
Class OMNI
Movement 8 AP
Weapon Lethal damage
Armor 1, or 0 in Beginner mode
Vision 8 tiles, 45° arc
10 tiles, 90° arc peripheral
Other traits Consciousness Monitor
Improved Heart Monitor
Reconnaissance Protocol
Loot when stealing 80 credits
Loot when expert stealing

Consciousness Monitor

When this guard is KOed, the alarm tracker advances 2 steps. This cannot be disabled in any way.

Improved Heart Monitor

When this guard is killed, the alarm tracker advances 4 steps. This cannot be disabled in any way.

Reconnaissance Protocol

This guard has a much longer patrol route than usual; while regular guard patrols are 8 AP apart, the Harbinger's patrol points are 25 AP apart. It will usually take this guard multiple turns to complete it. This makes early exploration in OMNI more dangerous than usual, since a room that has been free of guards one enemy turn may not be the next.

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