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Shock Traps

Shock Trap icon
A Neural Disruptor can be installed on a door to provide an improvised trap.

Shock Traps are items which can be placed on doors as traps, to deal KO damage when the door is opened. There are three “tiers” of Shock Trap; each type has an Anarchy skill level requirement for the agent to use them.

To place a Shock Trap on a door, the agent must stand in the doorway, and the door must be closed. After being placed, the Shock Trap will be triggered when the door is next opened or breached by any unit, including agents and drones. If a Shock Trap targets a drone, then the drone is rebooted for the same number of turns instead of being knocked out.

When a Shock Trap is placed on a door, it is visible to the player on that side of the door, but nonetheless is triggered when the door is opened from either side. After being placed, Shock Traps can be disarmed by any agent, so that the door can be opened without triggering the Shock Trap. Guards cannot disarm Shock Traps.

Damage Cooldown PWR cost Skill required Availability
Shock Trap I 3 KO 7 turns Anarchy 2 Buy from a Nanofabricator for 400 credits.
Shock Trap II 4 KO 6 turns Anarchy 3 Buy from a Nanofabricator for 700 credits.
Rare steal from FTM or Sankaku Elite Security.
Shock Trap III 5 KO,
< 6 tile radius
5 turns 3 Anarchy 4 Buy from a Nanofabricator for 1000 credits.
Loot from a Security Dispatch.
Rare steal from FTM or Sankaku Elite Security.
Modded Shock Trap 3 KO 7 turns Unique to Dr. Xu.

Shock Traps remain in the agent's inventory when they are used, and do not need to be retrieved later. It is possible for the same Shock Trap to be placed on multiple doors at the same time, if the cooldown finishes before the first door is opened. It is not possible to place multiple Shock Traps on one door at the same time.

Shock Trap III

Unlike other types of Shock Trap, a Shock Trap III costs 3 PWR to use, deals damage in an area, and never deals damage to an agent or other agency-controlled unit, even if they trigger the Shock Trap III by opening the door themselves. The in-game tooltip misleadingly describes the damage radius as “5 tiles”, but the true radius is nearly 6 tile; specifically, a tile is in range if its Euclidean distance is less than (but not equal to) 6. The distance is measured from the tile on the opposite side of the door from where the Shock Trap III was placed on it.

Due to a bug in the game, the KO resistance of the guard who opens the door is applied to all targets; the KO resistances of any other guards within the area of effect are ignored. If a Shock Trap III is triggered by an agency-controlled unit or a drone, no KO resistance is applied to any target.

Modded Shock Trap

Dr. Xu faced disciplinary action at his university more than once for leaving activated shock traps on his door during office hours.

Dr. Xu's Modded Shock Trap is a unique item; it is equivalent to a Shock Trap I, except it has no Anarchy skill level requirement. Its resale value is 200 credits.

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