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FTM corporate logo
FTM is the world's largest producer of consumer electronics. Traditionally a downmarket producer trading on volume, they have recently introduced a line of professional grade security and surveillance products.

FTM, short for Factory to Market Wholesalers, is a corporation. Their territory on the world map is the continent of North America, excluding Greenland.


FTM facilities are protected by fewer types of guards than other corporations.

Other distinct security measures

FTM facilities at mission difficulty 2 and higher are protected by Scanning Amps which locate an agent at each alarm level, and Routers which add 1 firewall to a random device at the start of each turn. They can be disabled by hacking or rebooting them; they also contain Valuable Tech which can be looted from them while they are disabled. Looting the Valuable Tech from a device permanently disables it.

FTM have Beam Emitters in their facilities, which raise the alarm tracker by one step when an agent walks through them.

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