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Executive Terminals

Executive Terminals mission preview
Executive terminals have elevated security credentials. Compromise one, and we will be able to pinpoint other facilities of interest.

Executive Terminals are a type of mission which can occur in both Campaign modes and Endless modes. The primary objective of an Executive Terminals mission is to find and access the Executive Access Terminal and retrieve the Site List, which adds three or four new mission options to the world map.

The first mission in the game is always an Executive Terminals mission. After this first mission, later Executive Terminals missions also give a choice of a specific infiltration target, allowing the player to choose one of four options to be one of the missions added to the world map.

The Executive Terminals objective room is not protected by any specific security measures. There are three prefab Executive Terminals room layouts:

The Executive Terminals mission objective is optional; if you find the exit room and try to leave without the Site List, you will be warned by a dialog box, but this only asks you to confirm that you want to leave. If you do leave the first Executive Terminals mission without the Site List, Monst3r takes pity on the agency and adds two mission options to the world map, instead of the four you would get from the Site List.

Executive Access Terminal

An Executive Access Terminal.
The executive terminal is the large device with the simplified controls — there!

The Executive Access Terminal is a mainframe device which appears in the objective room of an Executive Terminals mission. When the Executive Access Terminal is hacked or rebooting, it can be accessed by an agent on an adjacent tile, in order to take the Site List from it. Accessing the Executive Access Terminal triggers the corporation's security response.

Except for the first Executive Terminals mission in the game, when the Executive Access Terminal is accessed, the player also has a choice of four mission options, each with a particular corporation and mission type. The option chosen will be one of the mission options added to the world map if the Site List is successfully carried out of the mission. This choice cannot be changed by accessing the terminal another time.

When looting the Executive Access Terminal, it is possible to close the terminal without taking the Site List, and it is also possible to leave other items there to avoid becoming encumbered with the Site List. Any item left inside the terminal can still be retrieved while the terminal is hacked or rebooting. Note that Central will say either “you've got the site list” or “you've got it, great” after you have accessed the terminal, even if you didn't actually take the Site List.

Site List

Site List icon
Bring this back to Central to reveal new targets for infiltration.

The Site List is a special item which can be looted from the Executive Access Terminal in an Executive Terminals mission. If it is carried out of the mission in an agent's inventory, then new mission options will be added to the world map. The Site List in the first mission adds four new mission options; in later missions, it adds three new mission options, including one selected by the player when accessing the terminal.

The Site List cannot be sold at a Nanofabricator, and is not retained in the agent's inventory after the mission.

Security response

You've got it, great. When you activated that terminal, it sent out an automated message to change up the guard duty. Be prepared for new patrol patterns.

When the Executive Access Terminal is accessed for the first time in the mission, guards in the facility are assigned new patrol routes:

  • All guards in the facility who are currently either stationary or patrolling receive a new assigned patrol route. They first move to to investigate their new patrol point, and then continue patrolling.
  • Any guards currently investigating do not receive new patrol routes; after investigating their current interest point, they will return to their previous assigned stationary position or patrol route.
  • Any guards currently alerted or knocked out remain so, with no effect from the security response.

The security response is triggered even if the Executive Access Terminal is accessed while it is rebooting, and even if the Site List is not taken from it. The security response is triggered at most once in the mission; accessing the Executive Access Terminal again does not change the guards' patrol routes again.

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