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Even with the brain damage, Banks is one of the most effective hackers I've ever encountered. With stims and neuro-conditioning she's able to stay lucid, but I wonder what kind of long term effects that might have on her stability.

Jolie Murphy, known as Banks, is an agent employed by Invisible. She can be selected at the start of the game in either her on-file or archive variation.


Banks earned her hacker nickname siphoning funds from heavily guarded financial accounts. She funneled the proceeds into the rebuilding of her hometown, becoming a local folk hero in the process. After a botched cranial implant, she joined Invisible to get access to the most advanced neuro-rehabilitative care outside of Corporate law.
Inventory Neural Disruptor
Custom Paralyzer
Augment Crypto Computer
Skill Anarchy 2
Age 29
Tagname Burnt-out wire thief
Hometown Dublin Nua[1]
Years of service 1[2]

On-file Banks' unique Custom Paralyzer adds +3 KO time to a knocked-out guard. Her unique Crypto Computer augment allows her to unlock Lvl1 Security Doors without a passcard.


Banks has always had a way with finances, but she wasn't always so altruistic. In old Dublin she amassed a small fortune from embezzlement and graft, and lived a life of reckless abandon. She found her principles during the Fall Siege, and by the time Dublin Nua was finally liberated she had drained her private accounts several times over.
Inventory Neural DART
Banks' Custom Econ Chip
Skill Anarchy 2
Age 23
Tagname Robin Hood

Archive Banks' unique Custom Econ Chip can be used at Consoles to gain credits instead of PWR. She initially has no augment, but she does have two empty augment sockets.


Some of Banks' back-story is described in her datalog.


At the start of a mission:

  • “Did you hear that? No? Neither did I, then.”
  • “Live high while you can, ye mighty. Your reckoning will come.”
  • “Stick to the shadows. Be fleet of foot. We'll get out of here alive.”
  • “This room smells like burnt toast. But most things do!”
  • “Some day soon this will all be shaken to the ground.”
  • “The farmer in the dell… The farmer in the dell…”
  • “The wind will shake the barley.”

When rescued:

  • “Let's get the hell out of here.”

Final words:

  • “Tick tock, tick tock. My time's run out.”
  • “The reaper's finally come for his due.”
  • “I've had a good run, but not a long one.”
  • “Dust to dust.”


These can also be found on the agent banters page.

[1], [2] According to the game's source code.
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