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Support Guard

FTM Support Guard portrait
K&O Support Guard portrait

Support Guards are armed guards equipped with Flash Grenades. They are found in FTM and K&O facilities at mission difficulty 2 and higher.

Class Elite
Movement 8 AP
Weapon Lethal damage
Vision 8 tiles, 45° arc
10 tiles, 90° arc peripheral
Other traits Heart Monitor
Flash Grenades
Loot when stealing 80 credits
Flash Grenade (33.3%)
Charge Pack (3.3%)
Med Gel (3.3%)
Loot when expert stealing Flash Grenade (25%)
Med Gel (7.5%)
Neural Disruptor (2.5%)
Stim I (2.5%)

Flash Grenades

Grenade out!
A guard

A guard with Flash Grenades, when investigating an interest point, will sometimes throw a Flash Grenade. They must have line of sight (ignoring soft cover) on their interest point, and they may throw the grenade close to, but not exactly on, that interest point.

Flash grenades are shown as a small item on the ground with a flashing red light, and an ambient beeping sound when the camera is near it (not a noise).

A Flash Grenade will explode at the beginning of the next corporation turn, dealing 2 KO damage to all agents, rescued Couriers, or Prisoners that are within line of sight (ignoring soft cover) of the grenade and are a Euclidean distance of less than 4 from the grenade. Flash Grenades thrown by guards do not KO other guards.

The grenade's blast zone is briefly shown with red tiles when it is thrown, but there is no way of viewing this range later.

Though Support Guards may also have the item Flash Grenade to steal, stealing this item does not affect the Support Guard's behaviour at all, and a Support Guard using its Flash Grenade ability will not deplete a Flash Grenade from its inventory.

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