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Scientist portrait

Scientists are civilians who appear in some missions:

  • A Scientist occurs in the Program Compile side-mission. He carries a Compile Key which can be stolen and used to access the Research Databank. He starts the mission far from the compiler room, and walks towards it, locking the door behind him if he still has the Compile Key.
  • Three Scientists occur in the OMNI Foundry Lab mission, with random patrols.

When Scientists occur in a mission, they are in addition to the number of guards normally present.

Scientists are unarmed, and panic in any situation where a guard would normally become alerted. They do not carry credits, but it is sometimes possible to steal augments from them; the rare Carbon Myomer augment can only be acquired this way.

Scientists are found in the Contingency Plan DLC.

Movement 8 AP
Vision 8 tiles, 45° arc
10 tiles, 90° arc peripheral
Other traits Civilian
Heart Monitor
Loot when stealing Carbon Myomer (4.2%)
MicroSLAM Apparatus (4.2%)
Skeletal Suspension (4.2%)
Torque Injectors (4.2%)
Loot when expert stealing Portable Server I (3.1%)
Stim I (3.1%)
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