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Backseat Gaming Protocols

Backseat Gaming Protocols was a special collaborative livestream on 12th May 2020, the fifth anniversary of Invisible, Inc.'s release. The event was streamed live on Twitch in two sessions, totalling 10 hours; the recordings can be viewed on YouTube.

Seven players from the community took part, each controlling the actions of just one agent:

We beat the game on Expert Plus difficulty, using the Agent Reserve mod and debug-spawning Detention Center missions to rescue enough agents for everyone.


  • Players take it in turns to move their agent, in order.
  • A player cannot perform additional actions after taking their turn, even if they have remaining AP.
  • Players should not negotiate strategy, though they may express their wish that another player act in a particular way on their turn.
  • The current player also decides how to use Incognita or hacked drones for the duration of their turn.
  • Decisions about skill upgrades and other purchases outside of missions are determined by turn-based rock paper scissors.
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