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Invisible, Inc. can be played in Custom mode, which gives options to change some of the game's rules and balance. Custom mode can be used to make the game easier, more difficult as a challenge, or otherwise just a different experience. These options are available on the campaign generation screen by selecting Custom mode explicitly, or using the “show settings” checkbox.

When any of the game's settings are changed this way, the game is in Custom mode, and the word “Custom” appears in the top-right corner of the screen within missions where otherwise the game difficulty would appear. In Custom mode, achievements for specific game difficulties cannot be unlocked, although in-game unlockable content still can be. Changing the number of rewinds or toggling level retries does not cause the game to be in Custom mode; playing with mods also does not cause the game to be in Custom mode, though changing any of the mods' settings typically does.

Generation options in custom mode

See Comparison of Game Difficulty Modes for the default values of these options.

Option Description
Auto-increment alarm When disabled, the alarm tracker does not advance automatically each turn, but still advances as normal by other causes.
Campaign hours The length of the campaign, in in-game travel time hours. This can also be set to “Endless”.
Mission start PWR The amount of PWR the agency has at the start of each mission.
Alarm stages The alarm stages determine which security measures are triggered at each alarm level.
Credit multiplier Adjusts the number of credits received from many sources.
Guards per level Affects the number of guards present at the start of each mission.
Safe guard patrols When enabled, patrolling guards will have shorter patrol paths which generally stay within the same room, and guards never patrol into the starting room.
Additional KO time Adjusts the KO damage dealt by all melee weapons. This option does not affect KO damage from other causes.
Alarm when guards KO When enabled, the alarm tracker advances by 1 step each time a guard with a Heart Monitor is knocked out.
Show danger zones When disabled, tiles in enemy vision are not shown as “watched”, “noticed” or “hidden” unless the source of the danger is visible to the agency.
Allow melee while seen When disabled, agents cannot make melee attacks against a guard who sees them. Melee attacks are still possible from within a guard's vision if the agent is cloaked.
Increased final resistance Spoiler (click to show)
Alarm multiplier Adjusts all changes to the alarm tracker. When set to 0, the alarm tracker will not advance for any reason, so the alarm level will always be 0 regardless of what happens in a mission.
Starting money The number of credits the agency has at the beginning of the game.
Consoles per level Affects the number of Consoles in each mission, except for Sankaku and OMNI missions.
Safes per level Affects the number of Corporate Safes in each mission.
Rooms in level Affects the size of each facility.
Daemon quantity Affects the number of number of daemons installed on mainframe devices at the start of each mission.
Time attack mode See Time Attack.

The Generation Options+ mod gives finer control over many of these options, and adds many further options.

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