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This page contains spoilers for the game's story and the final mission.

OMNI Mainframe

OMNI Mainframe mission preview
This is the processing center that has been collating network traffic data from all of the corporations. With their hardware, Incognita may be able to cover our tracks.

The OMNI Mainframe is the final mission of the Campaign mode. In this mission, the agency infiltrates a facility belonging to the OMNI corporation, which houses a mainframe server. The facility is protected by OMNI guards, who are more challenging to deal with than most other types of guard.

If they are not already on the player's team, Central and Monst3r join the team as agents for the mission, with Central carrying the Incognita Memory Drive. Central also has Anarchy 4 if the player didn't start with her. The mission objectives are for Monst3r to hack the Security Hub for a number of turns, and then for Monst3r to access the Mainframe Lock to open the doors to the mainframe room. Once the doors are open, Central must enter the mainframe room and access the mainframe server itself.

OMNI guards

I don't recognize those uniforms. I hate not knowing who we are up against.

The OMNI Mainframe facility is guarded by OMNI Harbingers, OMNI Protectors and OMNI Soldiers.

  • In Beginner mode there are 4 guards, including one of each type, plus either another Harbinger or another Protector.
  • In Experienced and Expert modes there are 5 guards, including at least one of each type.
  • In Expert Plus mode there are 6 guards, including at least one of each type.

Additionally, in all game difficulty settings there is either a Camera Drone or a Pulse Drone in the facility. When new guards arrive at alarm levels 3 and 4, each type of OMNI guard is equally likely.

Security Hub

The Security Hub.
They've got this place locked up tight. See if you can find the security hub — I should be able to get us past the perimeter defences from there.

The Security Hub is a mainframe device which must be manually hacked by Monst3r for 5 turns, or 4 turns in Beginner mode. The corporation's final resistance is triggered during this time. When Monst3r completes the hack, he receives the OMNI Security Chip augment allowing him to access the Mainframe Lock.

The Security Hub is found in a 7×7 square prefab room with distinctive decor. The Security Hub room is connected to the rest of the facility by only one door. The Security Hub itself provides soft cover.

If the Security Hub is rebooted by an EMP Pack while Monst3r is hacking it, then he becomes knocked out for 2 turns.

Mainframe Lock

The Mainframe Lock.
We're almost there. Monst3r, rendezvous with me at the mainframe entrance.

The Mainframe Lock is a mainframe device which must be accessed by Monst3r after he finishes hacking the Security Hub. When accessed, it opens the doors to the mainframe room, allowing Central to enter it and access the mainframe server, completing the mission and ending the game.

The Mainframe Lock is found in a 5×7 prefab room with distinctive decor and some cover objects. The Mainframe Lock room is connected to the rest of the facility by only one door, although very rarely it has a second door leading to the Security Hub room. The Mainframe Lock itself provides soft cover.

Final resistance


I need to do this alone. Bar the door, and don't let anyone follow.
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