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In each mission, the agency infiltrates a facility belonging to one of the corporations. The main objective depends on the type of mission. When playing with the Contingency Plan DLC, regular facilities have a 25% chance of having a random side mission.

In typical missions, the main objective and any other objectives are always optional; it is possible to exit the mission without completing or even attempting them. However, you must always find the exit room and use the teleporter to complete the mission. A mission is failed if all agents in the team are lost in the field.

The mission's type, the corporation, the game difficulty setting and the mission difficulty level determine the number and types of guards and other security measures which will be found in the facility. The available mission options are shown on the world map screen, which shows this information as well as the travel time to reach the mission. Generally, lower mission difficulty levels appear earlier in the campaign, and higher mission difficulty levels appear later.

There are eight types of typical mission:

Mission Objective
Chief Financial Suite Interrogate the Financial Executive to acquire a Vault Access Card.
Cybernetics Lab Use the Augment Grafters to install new augments or augment sockets, and possibly use an Augment Drill to remove a currently-installed augment.
Detention Center Rescue a new agent, or an agent lost in the field, or a Prisoner.
Executive Terminals Loot the Site List from the Executive Access Terminal to add new mission options to the world map.
Nanofab Vestibule Use the unlocked nanofabricator to buy new items, weapons and augments.
Security Dispatch Loot a high-value item or weapon from the Secure Locker, and possibly rescue a Courier.
Server Farm Access the Primary Server Terminal to buy new programs for Incognita.
Vault Loot credits and Research Experiments from the vault.

Side missions

Side mission Objective
Data Banks Contingency Plan DLC icon Scrub all three Data Banks to acquire the Data Card, which unlocks a datalog and is worth credits.
Drone Rescue Contingency Plan DLC icon Access the Diagnostic Panel to activate the Refit Drone, and rescue it.
Power Relay Station Contingency Plan DLC icon Open the Power Relay Station using the Relay Switches, and access the Relay Transformer to sell PWR for credits.
Program Compile Contingency Plan DLC icon Steal the Compile Key from the Scientist, and use it to access the Research Databank to acquire a new program.

Special missions

Mission Objective
(FTM Interrogation Room)
Rescue Decker from the interrogation room and get him to the exit teleporter.
Research Facility Contingency Plan DLC icon Spoiler (click to show)
OMNI Foundry Lab Contingency Plan DLC icon Spoiler (click to show)
OMNI Mainframe Spoiler (click to show)

Contingency Plan DLC icon Found in the Contingency Plan DLC.

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